Navarathri festival 2019, It’s the season of celebrations and sharing the love!

Navarathri festival, It's the season of celebrations and sharing the love!

Yes! It's the season of celebrations!
A celebration of the "Supreme Women Power!"
A celebration that glorifies the triumph of the "Good over Evil! "
Navaratri- 9 complete nights of glistening festivity,
With lights and vibrant colours,
Designing and Decorating the beautiful idols,
Offerings and prayers honouring the goddesses,
Gatherings and Greetings sharing love and happiness,
Rejoicing the mightiness and potency of the female deities in a country where women empowerment has gained so much focus on!
Let us all indulge in this beautiful event of Divinity,
"refraining" ourselves from the stress and "negativity"
Rejuvenating our bodies and souls!

Author - Dr Deepika.T

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Designer 👗by @sash_creation_official
Stylist 🔭by ‬⁩@rathimeena @_stylessence
Mua💋 @dhrutimua24
Spot 📸 @rajesh95rj
Inframe 💃 by @jaina_parmar_

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