“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”

My innovation towards product photography

Jewelry photography for jewlot.com

I am specialized in jewelry photography from Jewlot and I have improved my works day by day and also my daily challenges started to become a step forward towards success.

It accomplished under an impossible deadline and it made me perform creative with innovation.

I didn't see product photography as my career but started seeing as my passion.

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Food photography for V4 Midnight Dhabba

An outstanding food shoot for restaurant V4 Midnight Dhabba and the outcome was very satisfied. The project duration is just 2 days and finished post-production in next 3days after production.

I personally thank mr.karthik av(Owner of v4 midnight dhabba) for giving these opportunities and the special thanks to the staff members of V4 midnight dhabba for being supportive during the projects.